WARNING: This page contains spoilers for the Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning, Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski and Alex' Basics in Biology and Zoology series. You must know everything about all three of them or have no care in the world to use this page at your own trust. Also this page (probably) contains lots of copyrighted content, because, you know...MrDrNose. :P

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NOTE: Browser volumes higher than 50% will generally result in audio volume compression on certain computer speakers, such as my HP Windows 10 laptop with Realtek(R) audio. You'll know what I mean when you listen. Basically, the audio frequencies will be equalised, even if they sound quieter to you, meaning that things like bass impacts will make the audio quieter with residue.

This is a program I made that has (almost) every soundtrack from BBIEAL, AEWVS and ABIBAZ (including ones from BBBB, BBP, BBKM, Eugenyh and ABSS), alternates between music and ambience and shuffles the lists so that you listen to each soundtrack once before the list shuffles itself again. (Please, check them ALL out, they're AWESOME! There are some exceptions but who even cares?) All of the soundtracks are normalised to generally the same volume, because this is for The Audience's Listening and you don't want to have to turn your volume up just to get bass boosted. Now, I was going to extend each soundtrack so that they all had similar run times, but most of them are looped twice, resulting in the 666 theme being over 10 minutes long, and do you really want to hear a mundane two second loop like Learn being played back to you 300 times in a row? Generally those ones are made to last for about a minute. Most of all of the shortened ones are also extended to their original lengths. I use it while I make sprites because I need something to occupy me while I do it, but still, I've listened to every soundtrack for so long that I've decided to listen to episodes in the background when available instead...(lol)

(I used to have a playlist on YouTube, but this gives me a lot more control. But really, this took a long time (some hours over 5 days, a lot of which was editing and preparing the soundtracks), multiple W3Schools searches and a Stack Exchange thread to make, even though it's really simple. Still adding updates to it every now and then.)

This is the first finished JavaScript program I ever made. (Thank you for hosting my webpages for me for free, fools! >:D) Anyway, please make good use of this program. I personally definitely will now. Have fun.